Sunday, August 2, 2009


Progress n. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.

This is a sneak peak at the quilt top made from the fabrics I posted yesterday. I got the main portion of the top finished. (Please excuse the lighting, it's still dark outside and I have terrible lighting in this house.) I have the borders cut, and hopefully will get them put on today. This picture does not do the fabrics justice.

The darker pink fabric is "Rock N' Roll" #2072 by Ro Gregg for Norcott Fabrics. The lighter pink is "Rock N' Roll" #2073 by Ro Gregg. The flower print is "Crystal Palace" by Exclusively Quilters. The small green print is "Daisy Vine" by Michael Miller. The green polka dot had no identifying marks on the selvedge. All of these were picked up some time ago, and I doubt they are still available, which really makes it difficult because I don't have enough of them left for a backing. Maybe a nice batik would work? What do you think?


Allie said...

How pretty - reminds me of a garden! That is really lovely!

Andrea said...

Just lovely!

Terry said...

Very pretty! The colors are so nice!

And thanks for your comments on my blog! I can't reply to you though because your email is hidden. :0(