Sunday, September 6, 2009

CGCQ September Projects

This month, I am going to continue working on the wedding quilt. My over-ambitious undertaking last month did not take into account three factors:

1) That I would change my mind mid-stream and decide to make a pieced back too, with applique no less, so it will be reversible. Yikes!

2) Unexpected out of town company twice during the month would interupt sewing time.


3) Wedding festivities take up a WHOLE lot of time!

So, this month, I will be working on finishing all the projects I have started for July, and August. I will post some pictures as soon as this rain quits and I can get some decent ones. Note to self, I really need more lighting in this house.


Allie said...

You'll finish this time, I know you will! I hate trying to take pics on dreary days. It's hard enough with lots of sun, lol!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from another - can't remember - was just surfing around, you know how that goes, right? Anyway, I loved the wedding pics - I love weddings in general and I thought it was great that they changed into something comfortable for their reception! Love your quilt, too - so keep at it, you'll get it done! Thanks for letting me stop by! Nan

CJ said...

It is nice that one has a year to give a wedding gift. ;) I am working on a quilt for a couple that wed in July and I have another one to start for an October wedding.

Jenny said...

Hi Carol, just wanted to check that you received your Heather Bailey fabric from my giveaway.. I hadn't heard and I sent it ages ago.. Hope you are well!! :)